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Regenerative Medicine & IV Infusions

David Reece, DO, is an Interventional Spine & Pain Physiatrist, who sees patients at APMI Orthopaedics, Sports Health & Regenerative Medicine, with locations in Chevy Chase and Greenbelt, Maryland.

Dr. Reece specializes in treating complex pain and neuromuscular disorders, acute, and chronic musculoskeletal sports injuries, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, headaches, and polytrauma amputee rehabilitation. Dr. Reece incorporates an expansive variety of fluoroscopically and ultrasound-guided interventional procedures, along with regenerative medicine injections, acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, and other complementary alternative medicine modalities into his comprehensive pain management strategy. 

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David Reece, DO, FAANS, FACS

About Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a branch of medicine and research that deals with tissue engineering and molecular biology. The focus of regenerative medicine is to replace, engineer, or regenerate cells, tissues, or organs to restore or establish normal function.

Though it’s in the early stages of research and treatment, regenerative medicine may potentially heal or replace tissues and organs damaged by age, disease, or trauma. The goal of regenerative medicine is to successfully treat injuries and diseases that were previously untreatable. 

APMI Wellness Center is an advanced practice at the forefront of medical care that specializes in regenerative medicine. 


What are the types of regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine at APMI Wellness Center focuses on treatments that stimulate your body’s natural healing powers to repair your damaged or diseased tissue.


Our Types of regenerative medicine include


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment

PRP treatment contains a high concentration of your body’s own platelets. When injected into the target area of your body, the influx of platelets triggers a natural healing response and activates growth factors and other substances that enhance healing on the cellular level.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells are your body’s undifferentiated cells. These cells have the ability to transform into specialized cells to replace and repair old, diseased, or damaged cells.

As another form of regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy uses the healing powers of stem cells. During your therapy, your provider injects the stem cells directly into your diseased or damaged tissue to support the healing and repair process.

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