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Are you wondering what a real IV Vitamin Infusion treatment is like? Do you ever have those days where you are like, "why do I feel so run down?” You know the feeling: sluggish, low energy, and unexplained tiredness. It can be frustrating! As a busy mom and business owner, I am all too familiar with the feeling. I am turning forty this year, and while I appreciate my health and work hard to try and keep my body in good working order, I cannot deny the fact that things are harder than they used to be. In fact, I have reached “that point” in life where I have become keenly aware that my body is aging—whether I like it or not. Yikes, when did that happen! But then I discovered something innovative: IV Vitamin Infusions. So what is an IV Vitamin Infusion? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like: intravenous delivery of vitamins directly into the bloodstream. The idea behind IV vitamin infusions is that when administered intravenously your digestive system is bypassed bringing a much higher level of nutrients to your body and organs (because it is delivered directly and quickly through the bloodstream.) With so many people suffering from gut problems and autoimmune issues, I quickly understood the benefit.

Dr. Ladan Eshkevari

I think when it comes to services like this, it is important to not just talk about the service, but to talk about the experience. I recently caught up with Dr. Ladan Eshkevari of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness to learn about IV Vitamin Infusions. Avesta Ketamine and Wellness is a licensed provider of vitamin infusions and ketamine IV infusions located inside APMI Wellness Center in Chevy Chase, MD. Dr. Eshkevari has been a professor at Georgetown University for over 20 years, is an expert in the area of anesthesia, pain management, and alternative medicine, has been published in numerous journals, has won numerous awards, and much more—yes, this woman knows her stuff! Dr. Eshkevari was kind enough to provide me with an IV vitamin infusion for purposes of writing this article and my hope is this insight will be valuable to readers.

So, who am I? My name is Adrianne, I am a thirty-nine-year old (soon to be forty) mom living in Northern Virginia. I work in partnership with APMI Wellness Center and they have given me access to explore their Wellness Center and chronicle my experiences. In terms of my lifestyle, I work out regularly, enjoy following a whole foods diet, and generally make healthy lifestyle choices. That was not always the case though and it has been a gradual transition as I have gotten older. The biggest change happened after my son was born. I was thirty-seven and following his birth my thyroid became hyperactive, and I suffered numerous challenges because of it. After months of research, I came upon some dietary and lifestyle solutions that I implemented and was able to successfully get my thyroid under control without medication. However, since then, I have had to keep an eye on my thyroid and be pretty careful with my diet because if I am not, my thyroid becomes hypoactive. My goal of course is to prevent the condition from worsening and keep it in check. Of course that is not always easy, and in the months (and years) since, I have been trying to get pregnant again and finding it challenging thus far. Certainly, factors like my age, my thyroid, and daily stresses are playing a role, so when I learned about vitamin infusions I was intrigued because I understand the role vitamins can play in helping to manage health, autoimmune conditions, and prevent disease--and considered that maybe an infusion would provide some balance and give my reproductive system a healthy boost.

When the day arrived for my IV vitamin infusion I was excited! It was my first time receiving an infusion and I was looking forward to learning about it. When I arrived for my appointment at APMI Wellness Center, I was greeted cheerily by Dr. Eshkevari. She took me back to her patient room and seated me in a comfortable, plush, oversized reclining leather chair. The room was soft and relaxing. I felt at ease right away. Dr. Eshkevari told me she would be giving me a Meyers Cocktail with Vitamin C added. The Meyers Cocktail is considered the "Cadillac of infusions" because it is chock-full of immune boosting high potency vitamins such as B-Complex, Calcium, and Magnesium—plus Vitamin C. Dr. Eshkevari explained that vitamin C in particular has good research supporting its use, and has known health benefits in everything from cancer recovery to autoimmune disease. For me that matters, because managing my thyroid plays a role in my hormones, which correlates directly with fertility. In fact, nearly every doctor I have spoken with has told me that getting pregnant has a lot to do with hormone balance, so that is my aim these days: balance. But I could see how the benefits of vitamin infusions could apply to any number of health concerns. She also told me that the Meyers Cocktail is great for sports recovery, sports conditions, recovery from the flu or other illness, jetlag, low energy, pre and post-surgery and much. She even said that a vitamin infusion is helpful if you have a hangover!

Now it was time for my infusion. I will be honest, I am not the biggest fan of needles, but who is right? It is not like we hop out of bed and hope to get stuck with a needle that day! But, Dr. Eshkevari was extremely gentle and got the IV started on my left arm. It was no big deal and before I knew it the IV drip was running. It was easy. All I had to do was sit back and relax and let the IV drip do its work. Dr. Eshkevari explained the infusion would take approximately 20 minutes or so and all I needed to do was take it easy. Gladly!

Me (Adrianne) starting an IV Vitamin Infusion

During my time in the infusion room, I took the opportunity to talk more in depth with Dr. Eshkevari to learn more about her professorship with Georgetown and how she came to open Avesta Ketamine and Wellness. Dr. Eshkevari explained that she is the Program Director and an Associate Professor of the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program at Georgetown University. Part of her role as program director dictates that she maintain an active license and regularly practice in her field. “For me” she says, “I enjoy both sides.” She laughs, “Maybe when I retire I might run my ketamine and vitamin infusion clinic full-time.” But in all honesty, she explains, “it matters to me to be on the academic side helping grow and advance the expertise in our field, but at the same time, I really want to help people, and my practice allows me to do that. The main reason I got into this field is I really wanted to help people that are suffering from mood disorders and chronic pain, but I also wanted to provide vitamin infusions too because those really support a number of health conditions. Early on, I saw so much promise in my research and I wanted to be a part of making it available to patients. And day-to-day I see patients benefiting from my services--and I feel a real calling to continue offering that support.” Ultimately, I came to understand that Dr. Eshkevari’s goal is patient wellness. She is kind, caring, experienced, and friendly and is what you hope for when you visit with a practitioner.

Discussion with Dr. Ladan Eshkevari

As my vitamin infusion was nearing its end, I started to notice that I felt very relaxed. Dr. Eshkevari smiled and said “it’s the magnesium” (which by the way most Americans are chronically low on). After removing my IV, she asked me how I felt and the honest answer was “really good.” If felt relaxed and balanced, which is exactly what I was hoping for. As I moved through the rest of my day I felt restored, like I my body was optimized. Later that evening I started to feel like I just could not wait to get into bed and go to sleep. It was like my body was begging me to let it revitalize during sleep, so I listened and went to bed at about 9:30 p.m. I slept really well that night and woke up feeling pretty darn good the next day. After my experience, I can wholeheartedly say that I see the benefit of occasional vitamin infusions as part of healthy lifestyle and would absolutely do it again. In fact, next time I want to try Glutathione and pair that with Whole Body Cryotherapy, the Infrared Sauna, and a facial.

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