Cool as a Cucumber: Why Hollywood Raves About the CryoFacial

Why does Hollywood rave about Cryofacials? Because very little else gives you such vibrant looking skin in just a few minutes time! Personally, I think Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore, and Jennifer Aniston are three great examples of women who use CryoFacials to support their skincare regime. These women are smart, successful, and always seem to have radiant looking skin—so they must be doing something right. And these ladies have a reputation for taking good care of themselves.They eat right, they workout, and just like the rest of us are always looking for ways to improve their well-being.

So, what exactly is a CryoFacial? A Cryofacial uses a small wand like device to deliver liquid nitrogen to designated areas of the face and lasts for approximately 10-12 minutes. The goal of the facial is to stimulate circulation in the face. By stimulating circulation in the face, cryotherapy works to tighten the skin and also helps stimulate collagen growth. The result is a more youthful and brighter appearance. Some celebrities have cited using cryotherapy before a big event. Gigi Hadid for example cites having done whole body cryotherapy right before walking the runway in the Victoria Secret Fashion show in 2015. Hadid also says that CryoFacials are her beauty “secret weapon.”

Cryofacials can do more than just make you look more vibrant. They actually work to relieve the anti-inflammatory responses of the body and are an effective way to treat chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. If you are someone that has to deal with the frustration of living with these conditions, you can be rest assured you will find some relief with regular CryoFacials.

Many women also find relief from monthly breakouts and hormonal fluctuations with CryoFacials. The majority of women report being able to roughly determine the timeline of their monthly cycle just by looking in the mirror! Whether they see noticeable breakouts, facial fullness, or just downright feel “ugly” for a few days, hormonal fluctuations can be rough on a woman’s appearance. CryoFacials can really help relieve and downplay PMS symptoms.

So, now the million dollar question: do CryoFacials really work? I can truthfully say that I saw improvement in my skin both right after the treatment and in the days to follow. I think Cryofacials are most beneficial when added to your regular skincare regime because it is not something you would want to do every day. And you may not even be able to do it every week, but I think when added to your regular lifestyle, Cryofacials lead to improved skin clarity, tighter skin, and a more youthful appearance.

Elizabeth Gondela of Capital Cryo

I recently went in for a CryoFacial and it was not my first time. I went into Capital Cyro at APMI Wellness Center and had my appointment with Elizabeth. She greeted me cheerily and sent me back for my facial. I had a couple of reasons for booking my appointment that day: PMS and allergies. On this day, I was dealing with PMS showing in my face and puffy eyes due to allergies. In fact, the night before, my right eye had become very puffy due to allergies (it was nearly closed shut). By the time I went in for my facial the puffiness had gone down quite a bit, but I could still see it (whether or not anyone else could). Anyway, in a matter of about 12 minutes, not only did my face feel tighter and more refreshed, but the remaining allergy puffiness (which typically would have taken another day or two to resolve) was gone! I was glowing!


CryoFacial at Capital Cryo

I genuinely felt cool as a cucumber during and after my facial and I can see why celebs love them. It truly does feel very refreshing and rejunvenating. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier CryoFacials are very beneficial for the skin because they improve blood flow, stimulate collagen production, minimize pore size, and reduce inflammation—all factors that contribute to more youthful looking skin.

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