Next Level Rejuvenation with the Hydro Facial at the Organic Spa

Are you looking to learn more about what exactly a hydro facial is? If you are looking into this sort of treatment, you are probably somewhat already familiar with what typical facials entail—whether it be chemical peels, microdermabrasion, masks, extraction, massage and more, there are a lot of options out there. At this point you may have heard of the “HydraFacial” which essentially is a facial that cleanses and exfoliates with a peel, extracts and hydrates using a water suction tool, and then uses saturation to fuse the skin with a hydrating treatment. It is definitely an innovative approach and takes the typical facial experience to the next level. But recently I discovered a variation of the “HydraFacial” that in my opinion, really takes the treatment to the next level. The treatment is the “Hydro Facial” at the Organic Spa LLC in Chevy Chase Maryland. But, before I delve into the treatment, a little bit about the Organic Spa LLC.

Olena Levanda of the Organic Spa

Owner Olena Levanda runs the Organic Spa. Olena is a Board-certified holistic esthetician and a member of the Association Skin Care Professionals. Raised in Ukraine, Olena holds multiple degrees including a Master's in Philology, a degree in Alternative medicine, a European certificate in Manual Manipulative Therapy and Massage, and is also a graduate of the Aesthetic Institute at the Vienna Academy of Art and Sciences. A mother of two, she understands that the pressure to look young has never been greater and thus specializes in keeping people away from fillers and Botox by concentrating on a holistic approach and specializing in anti-aging results. She has proudly collected beauty secrets for more than 25 years and puts them into practice for her clients at the Organic Spa. So yes, Olena knows what she is doing and easily trusted that I was in good hands with her.

On the day of my appointment, I was greeted by a vibrant Olena. That was a good sign! The woman taking care of my skin was glowing herself. The spa room was cozy, tranquil, dim, and soothing. I had no problem slipping into relaxation mode almost immediately! Then, it was time to begin the Hyrdo Facial. Olena explained that she customizes her treatment for every client, but that the basis of her Hydro Facial consists of oxygen, exfoliation, hydration, microdermabrasion, and saturation.

Preparing for a Facial at the Organic Spa

Once on the table, Olena positioned a warm oxygen diffuser that blew a steady stream of oxygen directly into my skin and placed warming stones under my shoulders. Meanwhile, she cleansed my skin with all organic products and used a divine lemongrass peel to help remove the dead skin cells from my face. Then, she began treating my skin using a variety of devices. First, she used a Hydro Dermabrasion tool that utilizes water jets to help gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells with the goal of revealing smoother and more even skin texture. It was painless and actually felt nice. Then, she gently washed away debris with an Oxygen Spray Gun in preparation for the Microdermabrasion portion of the treatment. Olena used a diamond tip Microdermabrasion tool, which would work to help renew my skin and combat fine lines. She explained that everything she had done before was “preparing the skin for the microdermabrasion.” She began the microdermabrasion gently gliding the tool across my skin. She also used the tool on the sides of my neck and around my ear area, which I really appreciated! She exclaimed, "People always forget about this area, this is part of the face too!"


Hydro Facial at the Organic Spa

Once she was done with the microdermabrasion it was time for extraction. So, that is never the fun part of the facial, but it is important and she was very quick. My main problem areas were on my nose. During the extraction process, Olena also discovered a few skin tags on my neck area, and later in the treatment used an amazing and painless tool to remove them for me! After the extraction Olena said, "Congratulations, you have made it through extraction!" Now is was time to hydrate my freshly exposed skin. Olena used a lovely organic bergamot mask on my skin. She gently and thoroughly saturated and massaged the product into my skin, which felt unbelievably divine! Then, she allowed the product to soak into my skin and massaged my neck, arms, and hands. I could have stayed there forever. Finally, Olena gently cleansed the treatment off my face and applied a final organic serum and moisturizer. I felt amazing and would absolutely recommend Olena's skin treatment and hydro facial approach to anyone! The next day, my skin felt softer than I remember it feeling in years. I have a two-year old and I actually kind of felt like my skin rivaled his in softness. I was amazed. Two days later, my skin felt even softer if you can believe it. I can genuinely see, firsthand, in the mirror, that I look younger.

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