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Chief Operating Officer

Deb is the COO of APMI Wellness, bringing with her 30 years of administrative and clinical knowledge and experience.


Debra Schrag, BSN, MSN

About Me

Deb completed her undergraduate degrees at Virginia Tech and Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing. She completed her graduate degrees in Nursing at the George Washington University, graduating with Master of Science and Nursing and continued as a Nurse Practitioner. After defeating cancer twice, Deb reflected on her time as a patient and recognized a consistent pattern: the lack of efficient and effective administrative support in medicine. It was then that she decided to transition to the administrative side, where she would be able to put her knack for business management to good use.

Deb is a speaker for several device companies, speaking on business growth and development, implementation of new devices and employee retention and team building strategies. Deb conducts trainings for practices and individuals on all aspects of practice management and administration. She is also a trainer for Aesthetic University.

Deb served on the advisory board of the School of Nursing at Stratford University. She is also the President of ACCA, a large 501 (c) (3) organization with a $6.5 million operating budget: an alliance of 27 churches providing early childhood development, food, rental assistance, furniture, housing, and many other services to low-income families.

Growing up in Japan she got the ‘travel bug’ and has been fortunate to have traveled all around the world.

Deb is an avid scuba diver and marksman. She also enjoys biking, hiking, skiing and swimming.

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