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Dexa Body Scan in Chevy Chase

A DEXA body scan can provide you with lots of substantial information about your body fat, muscle mass and distribution, and bone density. At APMI Wellness Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, you can get a DEXA body scan and learn to apply information from your scan to improve your health and fitness. After your DEXA body scan, you’ll receive an interpretation of the results and guidance from an expert. To schedule your scan, call APMI Wellness Center today.

Dexa Body Scan Q & A

What is a DEXA body scan?

A DEXA body scan is a test that takes numerous measurements of your body’s composition. It gives you considerable information about your physical fitness and overall health that you can use to improve these aspects through a personalized fitness program.

The DEXA body scan is the most accurate method of measuring your body fat percentage available today. Once you get the results of your body scan, you can compare your metrics to those of other individuals within your same age group, gender, and ethnicity. You can also assess health risks that you may not have known about before the test. 

The team helps you interpret your results and answers all of your questions. They also use the test results to personalize your personal training or nutrition plan if you take part in wellness services like these at APMI Wellness Center. 

What does the DEXA body scan measure?

The DEXA body scan takes various measurements that you can’t get by standing on a scale or looking in the mirror. During the test, you lie on a table as the scanner moves over you and computes bone density, muscle mass, and fat composition with a marginal 1-2% rate of error.

Bone density

The DEXA body scan performs a full bone density analysis. You can use these numbers to assess your risk for bone conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Muscle mass

The DEXA body scan assesses your muscle mass and evaluates left versus right symmetry to compare both sides of your body. Your provider uses these measurements to find muscle imbalances from overuse or old injuries. 

Fat composition

The DEXA body scan tells you how much body fat you have and where it’s concentrated. A high percentage of visceral fat, which is wrapped around your organs, could indicate a risk for health complications like high blood pressure or chronic inflammation. 

Why should I get a DEXA body scan?

The results of a DEXA body scan can tell you how muscle imbalances and fat deposits affect your performance during your workouts and athletic competitions. 

The test gives you valuable insight into your current and future health, including possible warning signs of certain diseases. 

By being aware of your body composition, you can predict potential injuries and actively work to strengthen certain muscles to prevent them. You can also identify areas of muscle that need more targeted exercises during your workouts. 

To learn more about your body composition with a highly accurate DEXA body scan, call APMI Wellness Center to book an appointment today.

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