fall specials at apmi wellness center

Fall Specials

Fall Refresh at APMI Wellness Center

Experience our Wellness Center with exclusive deals from our premium partners!

Capital Cryo

Janus Medical Spa

The Organic Spa


Current Specials

The Ultimate Fall Refresh $55

A Cryofacial + Infrared Sauna for $55!

Body Sculpting +

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Purchase a session of truSculpt iD at APMI Wellness Center with Janus Medical Spa and receive 3 Complimentary Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions with Capital Cyro.

Personal Training with Melissa 3 Sessions $150

3 Sessions for $150. We offer personal training to clients of all ages and experience levels looking for an individualized workout regimen led by an experienced trainer.

Meyers Cocktail $125

Take advantage of our Fall IV Vitamin Infusion Special! Our Myers Cocktail with a Vitamin C add-on is a great way to boost your immune system! Take action with this infusion of high potency vitamins such as B-Complex, C, Calcium, and Magnesium. Strengthen your immune system!

Fall Hand Rejuvenation $35

Welcome Fall with Fresh Hands! Enjoy a special Fall anti-aging rejuvenation treatment for your hands. Treatment includes drybrush lymphatic drainage with massage, 40% lactic acid peel with diamond-tip microderm abrasion, apricot paraffin wax, and hot stone massage. $35!

More Specials Coming Soon!

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