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Functional Nutrition in Chevy Chase

Functional nutrition is all about personalized care. No two people are exactly alike—even if their symptoms are the same. Functional nutrition diet plans take into consideration everything that makes you unique.

Both conventional and “functional” laboratory testing is used to provide the most comprehensive assessment of your health. Having the ability to test for instead of just guess what biochemical, nutrient, microbial, hormonal etc imbalances are present is invaluable to creating the most targeted, individualized, effective therapeutic strategy.

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Cari is a skilled functional nutritionist and health care consultant. She uses an integrative approach to design personalized prevention, treatment, and intervention programs for both chronic and acute conditions incorporating diet, blood chemistry, genetics and hormone lab review/assessment, food allergy/sensitivity and other specialty testing, weight loss and body composition, therapeutic and detoxification programs, lifestyle modification techniques, exercise, and/or nutritional supplementation recommendations (i.e., vitamins, minerals, botanicals, medical foods, and other nutritional products).

She holds a MS in Applied Clinical Nutrition, a MA in Business Management, a BS in Mathematics Physics, and is a U.S Army Veteran. Cari has earned the nationally recognized board approved Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential, the gold standard for advanced nutrition professionals, and is a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist. Additionally, she’s completed the American Nutrition Association (ANA) Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist training and the ANA Fasting certification. 

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