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About Lia Holmgren

about Lia Holmgren

I’m an intimacy & relationship coach, and a lifelong entrepreneur. I love to use my knowledge from years of working around sexuality as well as my education in psychology, holistic wellness, and conflict resolution to guide you through contemporary relationship challenges and help you to build the relationship and life you want.

I help couples resolve and manage conflicts effectively, communicate better and feel comfortable to be who they are with their partners. People say I have an empathetic nature and direct style, I like to make my clients feel safe and ultimately empowered. I believe that we can only build a better world if there's no judgment.

I have a M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, B.S. in Biopsychology from Touro University, I'm a certified wellness coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, certified life coach through Tony Robbins - Cloe Madanes program, and certified hypnotist from NLP Institute in New York. I was featured in over 25 video, radio and online publications in the past couple of years. Some of them are: NBC Universal, NY Post, Huffington Post, Ask Men, Curtis & Cosby show, Sex Toast with Ian Kerner for Salon, Men’s Health, iHeart Radio, and others.

Intimacy Coaching

It’s hard to think of sex and intimacy in this super stressful time. I’m here to help you keep your love life intact, despite the stress that’s surrounding us. I offer single sessions or customized packages that improve communication, lead to fulfilling sex and loving relationships. Love, respect & compassion. We are in this together!

Conflict Management

Are you stuck in a gridlock conflict with your partner or with a loved one? Are you tired of the perpetual arguments and contentiousness that stops us from moving forward in our most important relationships? In my session I will help you understand the root cause of the conflict and how you can manage it.


Well-Being In COVID-19 Epidemic

The current situation is out of control.  Being stuck at home, not knowing how life will be, full of fear and frustration is definitely hard on our mental and physical well-being. As a certified health coach I’m here for you to support you through this challenging time.



60 Mins In-Person Coaching Session $299

100 mins In-Person Coaching Session $499