About Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine has recently been approved by the FDA for the effective treatment of symptoms of depression, PTSD, and chronic pain. We offer IV Ketamine infusions in a controlled and monitored setting. Additionally, Ketamine is an effective treatment for a variety of pain syndromes, including, but not limited to: fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, migraines, phantom limb pain, cancer-related pain, and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). 

Ketamine IV Infusions

In the last decade, there has been mounting evidence that up to 80% of patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression have benefited from Ketamine infusions. Ketamine is beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain including Fibromyalgia and Migraines as well as Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

A Better Solution

Ketamine, unlike opioids, is not associated with any physically addictive properties. 

We will work with you and your health care provider to ensure that you are a good fit for the therapies we offer to maximize your wellness.

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