Splattered Paint

Lia Holmgren has been a coach for over a decade. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Lia lived in Manhattan, New York, where she focused on intimacy and relationship coaching. In early 2020, Lia became a full-time stock and options trader and currently spends most of her days trading the markets. A short after she began her trading journey, she realized that the biggest part of becoming a successful trader is being able to control your emotions and understand psychology around trading.

Today, Lia is helping traders to learn how to manage their emotions, become less reactive and rather calm and calculated. Lia also enjoys wellness & lifestyle coaching, where she helps individuals working in stressful industries to achieve better work/ life balance and avoid burn out.

Lia holds an MS in negotiation and conflict resolution from Columbia University and a BS in biopsychology from Touro University. She is a certified wellness coach and life coach, as well as a certified hypnotist. Lia has been featured by numerous media outlets, including NBC Universal, Mashable, Guardian, Business Insider, New York Post, Huffington Post, Men's Health, Curtis and Cosby Show, and more.



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Splattered Paint