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Medical Weight Loss in Chevy Chase

At APMI Wellness Center, we are dedicated to treating obesity and its related conditions.

We are a comprehensive obesity care practice that offers the latest and most effective therapies to combat the diseases related to excessive fat deposits. Whether you struggle with that problem area, are overweight, or have significant obesity we have a treatment option for you. We understand that each patient is different and offer custom treatment options that meet your needs. See how our shared decision-making model can help you find the right treatment option for you.

ORBERA™ Balloon

Allowing you to be you

Need to achieve substantial weight loss but don't want to permanently alter your body. Endoscopic gastric balloon placement may be right for you. Learn how our endoscopic therapies can help you achieve your goals.

The ORBERA™ Balloon is the only non-surgical treatment recommended by American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy for meeting its safety profile + weight loss goals.

The balloon is part of the ORBERA™ Managed Weight Loss System - a comprehensive, non-surgical two part program that starts with placement of silicon balloon in the stomach to reinforce proper portion control. We provide 12 months of on-going nutrition consultation to help you get the most out of your weight loss. Want to learn more? Schedule your free remote consultation today, by following the link below.

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Bariatric Surgery.jpeg

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is reserved for those most severely affected by obesity and it's related conditions. In general, you must be more than 35lbs above your ideal body weight with an associated medical condition or 100lbs over ideal body weight.

Most insurances, however, utilize the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale to determine eligibility for weight loss surgery. Patients with BMI greater than 35 with associated medical conditions may qualify for weight loss surgery. Also patients with a BMI greater than 40, regardless of their medical conditions, may qualify for surgery. See where your BMI is, by utilizing the BMI calculator above.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

For those individuals that want a non-surgical option to lose weight, we offer a custom, focused weight loss program. We identify the "root cause" of your obesity and utilize the most effective anti-obesity medications to help you succeed in your weight loss journey.

Pair your weight loss with Intensive lifestyle modification via our wellness program. Want to learn more? Click below to schedule a free online consultation with our medical director.

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Non-invasive Fat Reduction.jpg

Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Look your best.

Treat those problem areas with the latest technology. Our EMSlim device can help you loose fat while building muscle. The device utilizes high frequency electromagnetic energy (HiFEM) to activate muscle contractions, while the radio frequency energy (RF) melts fat. 

We offer the latest in non-invasive fat reduction for those stubborn areas we all have. Schedule your free consultation today.

Wellness Program

Helping You Get Healthy

Intensive lifestyle modification is critical to achieving and maintaining successful weight loss. Get the most out of your weight loss efforts by combining it with a wellness plan.


Health and Wellness involve much more than a number on a scale. In fact, weight alone is a poor predictor of overall good health. We can help you learn about and adopt the best lifestyle practices to achieve and maintain overall wellness. Our programs are personalized to you.


We take to the time to get to know you with an enhanced wellness evaluation unlike any medical exam. We utilize your results to create a custom program for you. Every wellness program includes a wellness coach that will guide you through your journey to wellness. 

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General Surgery.jpg

General Surgery

Treating the whole you.

At Transform Bariatrics, we treat the whole patient, not just the disease. Obesity is a major risk factor for common surgical conditions, such as gallbladder problems, hernias, reflux, and cancer. We can help.


Dr. Amin treats common Gastrointestinal and Abdominal conditions including: Gallstones, Hernias, Small Bowel and Colon Conditions, Reflux, and more.

amin photo.jpg

Hitesh Amin, MD

Director of Medical Weight Loss Program

Dr. Amin treats common Gastrointestinal and Abdominal conditions including: Gallstones, Hernias, Reflux, Small Bowel and Colon Conditions, as well as Obesity Surgery. Dr. Amin believes in an Integrative approach utilizing the best Holistic, Medical, and Surgical treatments available.

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