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As a graduate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University California and member of the IFMCP (Integrative Functional Medicine Certification Program) Dr. Noosha is ready to help you feel vibrant and energized again! With a focus in gastrointestinal and mental health (IBS, IBD, brain fog, autism, anxiety, depression) along with more chronic endocrine and systemic conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Noosha can utilize a variety of functional diagnostic blood work and newer tests such as stool analysis and neurotransmitter testing to help get to the root cause and target treatments. Dr. Noosha can recommend and incorporate a wide range of healing modalities besides IV therapy and lifestyle recommendations including Cranio - Sacral and Visceral therapies as well as newer technologies that utilize sound, light, cryotherapy and sauna to help detoxify and harmonize the body from a more wholistic standpoint.

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Noosha Shambayati, NMD, IFMPCP

About Noosha

Her undergraduate years were spent at the University of Maryland on studies in biological sciences with a focus on neuroscience and behavioral psychology. She quickly became fascinated with the power of the human mind and the effects it can have on the body. Thinking and feeling into the future of medicine lead her to research many alternatives and natural healing modalities and motivated her to switch from her original path in allopathic medicine to embodying a more wholistic and integrative view of the human mind/body/spirit.


Her innate drive was fueled by a powerful upbringing inspired by her father, a professor and lifelong student of quantum physics and a mother who dedicated her life to healing and serving her community through Western Medicine. Through her own personal journey of healing from many “mis” diagnoses plus her heavy academic background, she believes in the body’s amazing healing capabilities and has experienced divine miracles within herself and through the stories of many patients and highly specialized mentors. “It’s amazing what the body can do once you remove the obstacles to cure and fill in the biochemical and nutritional gaps that play a major role in physiology and performance.” She also values the power of presence, vulnerability and spending time with patients to help them unpack their previous health histories. She believes the hard times we go through in life should be shared and not shamed, to better help reframe circumstances that may have been out of our control. Dr. Noosha has committed to a full life of service to figuring out the true ROOTS of illness within each and every individual she comes across and hopes to help individuals get re-energized and re-engaged to stimulate their bodies own innate healing mechanisms.


Dr. Noosha is a big believer in and practices mindfulness, which she hopes she can provide the value of cultivating a compassionate relationship with your body and encourages a mental curiosity about symptoms that may arise. “Everyone’s life is an intricate story, this is story that we mentally replay in our minds every day and is what signals our DNA and our bodies to either create a space of health and wellness, or a space of illness and dis-ease.” She believes AWARENESS AND ACCEPTANCE is the first step in realizing our immense potential, power and genius that lives in each and every one of us. She hopes to help guide you to becoming your own guru and create the life of your dreams.

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