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Is the Best Dietitian in Chevy Chase, Maryland Your Key to Successful Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a very personal journey that many people struggle with for a variety of individualized reasons.

Because of this, a personalized program just makes sense. Here’s how the best dietitian in Chevy Chase, Maryland can create a successful, sustainable weight loss program just for you!

What Is a Dietitian?

In most cases, a dietitian is a board-certified food and nutrition expert specializing in the science of food and nutrition as well as how it affects human health. There are many types of dietitians, however they all share common goals of providing nutritional counseling, expert advice, and programs tailored to individual needs.

Dietitians do this by using your current height and weight, health circumstances, medications, eating habits, nutritional needs and goals, and other important information. This is how a customized program is built, ensuring that your personal goals are met while still remaining sustainable and stable.

Can a Dietitian Help Me Lose Weight?

Dietitians often use medical nutrition therapy and similar programs to help their patients lose weight. Many people who want to lose weight understand the general concept of how to do so, but the reality is that general concepts don’t really work for everyone.

Because of this, dietitians are usually the best way to successfully and sustainably lose weight because they don’t oversimplify the process. Instead, they build nutritional plans, exercise routines, and other components of a tailored program.

This is especially important if you’ve consistently struggled to lose weight or you struggle with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or an eating disorder.

Where Can I Find the Best Dietitian in Chevy Chase, Maryland?

Take control of your weight and health by meeting with the best dietitian in Chevy Chase, Maryland found here at APMI Wellness CEnter! Our unique Athena Nutrition programs are just a taste of how we can help you.

Book a consultation with us today at 301-658-7686!

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