Ladan Eshkevari , PhD

Acupuncture & Anesthetist located in Chevy Chase, MD

About Dr. Eshkevari

Licensed acupuncturist and registered nurse anesthetist Ladan Eshkevari, PhD, CRNA, LAc, FAAN, is the owner of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness. She currently sees patients at APMI Wellness Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Dr. Eshkevari has been a professor at Georgetown University for over 20 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing with honors from the University of Maryland, her Master of Science in nurse anesthesia from Columbia University, and her doctorate in physiology and biophysics from Georgetown University. She is an expert in the area of anesthesia, pain management, and alternative medicine, and holds a diplomate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Dr. Eshkevari has expertise in central and peripheral mechanisms of pain and stress responses, and her specific area of research involves identifying physiologic markers for chronic stress, and stress-induced depression and anxiety that are modulated by acupuncture.

Dr. Eshkevari has been published in numerous journals, including “Experimental Biology and Medicine, and Endocrinology.” Her research has stimulated international interest in her work, which has been highlighted in numerous popular magazines such as National Geographic, Time Magazine, and on NPR Boston. She was recently inducted as a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, the highest honor bestowed on nurses both nationally and internationally.