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Hello! My name is Regina Crichlow and I started on this journey of womb wellness because of my own walk of life. I was researching alternatives to heal my body and womb and I discovered the workings of many teachers including the ancient practice of Womb Sauna. Womb Sauna is a noninvasive practice of gently steaming the womb space with specific herbs that can promote healing or completely eliminating fibroids, infertility, cysts, heavy periods, and menstrual cramping. The Womb Sauna also can assist with ridding the womb of feminine odor, regenerating damaged tissues, detoxing, relieving menopausal symptoms, aiding in conceiving, recovering after childbirth, and healing sexual energy. This beautiful practice of the Womb Sauna taught me how to teach other beings with wombs to connect with not only their sacred seat, but with their whole mind, body, and spirit. Dysfunction of the womb is caused by lifestyle choices, the environment, trauma, and stress. Gratefully, by the gifts of Mother Nature, this can all be reversed with education, proper nutrition, healthy spiritual practices, and community! I am here to assist anyone who seeks my services and help them to achieve healing and optimal wellness through the divine connection of their womb space. I look forward to working with you!

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