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Intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions are therapeutic treatments for common ailments like hangovers, fatigue, or jet lag. Registered nurse anesthetist Ladan Eshkevari, PhD, CRNA, LAc, FAAN, specializes in IV vitamin infusions and other wellness therapies at APMI Wellness Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland. To set up a consultation for a customized IV vitamin infusion, call APMI Wellness Center or book online today.

IV Vitamin Infusions Q & A

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What are IV vitamin infusions?

An IV vitamin infusion is a wellness treatment that can give you the boost you need to get over a hangover, impending illness, general feelings of unwellness, or other ailments. 

APMI Wellness Center proudly offers numerous options for IV vitamin infusions to meet your needs for a wide range of concerns.

During an IV vitamin infusion, you get the nutrients you need through an intravenous drip. The nutrients drip slowly into your system for 20-60 minutes as you relax.

Because the nutrients infuse directly into a vein, they don’t need to go through your digestive system at all. While you get many nutrients through the foods you eat, an IV infusion allows you to enjoy their maximum benefits much faster. 

What can IV vitamin infusions treat?

IV vitamin infusions can make you feel better if you’re dehydrated or lacking nutrients, which are the root causes of many common ailments. 

APMI Wellness Center offers customized wellness infusions for:

  • Hangovers 
  • Jet lag
  • Athletic recovery and performance enhancement
  • Fatigue
  • Flu recovery
  • Energy boosts and overall wellness

During a brief consultation with Dr. Eshkevari, she evaluates your condition, symptoms, and expectations in order to select the right vitamin infusion for you from APMI Wellness Center’s diverse menu. 

She also supervises you throughout your infusion to make sure you’re safe and comfortable at all times. The benefits of infusions generally last for at least 3-4 days. 

What are my IV vitamin infusion options?

APMI Wellness Center offers several options for IV vitamin infusions, some of which are well-known and very popular among wellness enthusiasts. 

Dr. Eshkevari might recommend:

Rehydration infusion

A rehydration infusion replenishes your electrolytes, restores your fluid balance, and reduces your acidity. It helps flush your system and can help you recover from a gastrointestinal illness.

Myers’ cocktail

The Myers’ cocktail is a popular infusion with numerous benefits for overall wellness. It includes B vitamins and vitamin C as well as minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Glutathione infusion

A glutathione infusion helps your body detoxify after chemotherapy, mold exposure, chemical toxins, and other potentially harmful substances. 

Immunity infusion

The immunity infusion includes a blend of vitamin C and B vitamins as well as zinc, electrolytes, and essential trace minerals. It helps you recover from illnesses and injuries by reducing inflammation and boosting your energy. 

Vitamin D shots

Vitamin D deficiencies contribute to depression, osteoporosis, and other chronic illnesses. A vitamin D shot can increase your serum vitamin D levels and improve your well-being. 

Glutathione push (add-on)

Similar to the glutathione infusion in its benefits, glutathione push is an add-on for other infusions.

To find out which IV vitamin infusion can restore your energy and wellness, call APMI Wellness Center or book an appointment online today.