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Signature Packages

At APMI Health and Wellness, we believe a complete, integrative approach to health and wellness should be accessible in one location. What makes our concept innovative is that our services are designed to complement and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Introducing Signature Packages

Spa Day

APMI Wellness Center

APMI Wellness Center is a family of premium brands & services that have come together in one exclusive location. Our mission is to offer our clients comprehensive medical treatments along with aesthetic, health, and wellness services in one state-of-the-art location. We believe changing the way your body feels and heals has the power to change your whole life. Our signature packages are designed to address the needs of our busy Chevy Chase clientele and help them be at their best!

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Signature Detox & Glow Package

About Our Signature Detox & Glow Package 2 hrs.

30 minute Infrared Sauna Session: You’ll relax in our sauna, which uses safe, deep-penetrating heat from invisible wavelengths of light on the infrared spectrum. This gentle infrared heat stimulates your body’s metabolic activity, increases circulation, and produces resonant absorption, a process that allows toxins in cells to be released through sweat. Compared to traditional saunas, an infrared sauna penetrates your body’s tissue, not just its surface, for more effective detoxification.

60 minute Detox & Glow Beauty Drip: Our signature beauty boost is the perfect compliment to our aesthetic suite of services. Packed with Glutathione, Vitamin C, B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, this beauty boost is loaded with antioxidants, skin-healing and detoxifying vitamins and minerals designed to rejuvenate and improve skin your complexion.

CryoFacial: The CryoFacial uses extremely cold temperatures on your face to reduce pore size and puffiness. It tightens your skin and stimulates collagen production in a 10-minute session.