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Stretch Therapist & Personal Trainer

Stefon Easter is a DMV native with nearly 10 years of experience in the Fitness and Health and Wellness field. Aside from being a Flexibility Specialist and athlete, Stefon also has a background in Personal Training, Fitness Management and Sales, and has a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. He has trained in a number of specialties centered on flexibility and wellness including soft tissue release techniques, Orthobionomy, yoga, and martial arts. Journey with him today!

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Stefon Easter

About Prime Motion Wellness

Prime Motion Wellness was established in response to a need and a dream. After working together as Stretch Therapists and Studio Managers in DC for nearly a year, co-owners, Stefon and Dominique, decided to launch a company that offers a more unique and comfortable version of Stretch Therapy and Flexibility Training that looks more like our experience. Our purpose is to aid in the healing of others with hands on guided movement and instructional assistance. We are a multi-faceted physical performance service offering Stretch Therapy, personalized virtual Flexibility Training, and Physical Performance training in person and virtually.

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Splattered Paint
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