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Sports Stretching

Many athletes and exercise enthusiasts overlook the benefits of stretching. At APMI Wellness Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, our fitness experts offer sports stretching to improve flexibility and physical performance and reduce the risk of injury. To schedule a consultation to learn more about stretching and how it can benefit you, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Stretching Before a Run

Sports Stretching  Q & A

What is stretching?

Stretching is a physical activity that places your body in various positions that aim to lengthen your muscles and soft tissues.

Aerobic exercise and muscle-building activities are important for good health. But stretching is an essential part of your fitness routine that you may overlook. 

Stretching improves mobility and flexibility. It reduces the risk of injury and helps you maintain independence. You should be stretching your muscles every day, whether you work out regularly or not.

At APMI Wellness Center, the fitness experts offer sports stretching to improve flexibility, overall health, physical training, and athletic performance. 

What are the benefits of stretching?

Regular stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Some of the benefits of stretching therapy include:

  • Better joint range of motion

  • Improvement in athletic performance

  • Enhanced muscle efficiency

  • Lower risk of injury

When you fail to stretch your muscles and your body, the muscles shorten and tighten. During physical activity, your short and tight muscles may be unable to fully extend to support the movement, placing you at risk of injury.

To learn more about sports stretching at APMI Wellness Center, call the office or request a consultation online.