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Because the week has gone on long enough!

Introducing TGIT Thursdays at APMI Wellness Center. Get a jump on your weekend wellness and treat yourself--because the week has gone on long enough.

Enjoy 20% Off Deals on Select Services

(with more services added weekly)

*offer only valid on Thursdays

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The CryoFacial uses extremely cold temperatures on your face to reduce pore size and puffiness. It tightens your skin and stimulates collagen production.

Org. $50


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Private Pilates

Our workouts use slow, controlled and low impact movements to allow you to really connect your mind and breath- which will in turn bring results you have only dreamed of!

Org. $120


tennis training

Tennis Training

Group train with Melissa Phillips of Melissa Phillips Fitness. Get ready for your Friday match and enjoy exclusive tennis training inside our private gym from 3pm to 4pm for just $15 per session (uses separate booking link).

Org. $45


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Infrared Sauna

This gentle infrared heat stimulates your body’s metabolic activity, increases circulation, and produces resonant absorption, a process that allows toxins in cells to be released through sweat.

Org. $30


massage near me

Restore Massage

Myotherapy is an emerging specialization also referred to as medical massage, sports massage, and physiotherapy. The integrative therapies work to open energy channels.

Org. $188


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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy uses freezing temperatures to facilitate therapeutic processes in your body. During a cryotherapy session you stand in a safe nitrogen gas therapy chamber for 2-3 minutes. 

Org. $60


Personal Training

Sometimes, the way to reach your goal is with the help of an expert. This may be the case for someone who frequents the gym but still doesn't see results, or someone who needs the motivation.

Org. $70


stretch therapy near me

Stretch Therapy

Stretching improves mobility and flexibility. It reduces the risk of injury and helps you maintain independence. You should be stretching your muscles every day to maintain flexibility.

Org. $75